My love affair with makeup and all its glory began at a very young age.  I would always sit with my grandmother as she put on her makeup and did her hair, and one day something magical happened.  My grandmother decided she was going to put makeup on me.  I vividly recall the excitement I felt and how grown up the whole experience was!  Despite the 80s in all its glory being displayed on my face and my mother’s intense disapproval, my life passion was set.  I have come a long way from playing with plastic cosmetic sets and saving my pocket money for whatever the latest magazine endorsement was.  I have since realized that I also love sharing my passion with the world.  Be it with someone who wants to work the runway look or someone hoping to have a minimal routine.  Completing the courses at the EvelineCharles Academy allowed me to further my skills in helping you achieve the look you desire for your event.  We can work together to enhance your natural beauty and create a beautiful timeless look.

The items in my kit are chosen carefully to ensure the highest quality items are used and the products included usually have a twin in my own collection.  Every client is different and I know how important it is to have options available for all different skin types and the importance of understanding the individual needs of each person in my chair.  I ensure that every item is carefully and thoroughly sanitized between clients and maintained at the highest standards.  As someone who has been there, I understand how stressful a big event can be and can help create a stress-free environment as you prepare for your day.  I can’t wait to meet you and be a part of your event!