The Importance of Skin Care

Although this blog is predominantly about the joys of makeup, I cannot stress enough just how important a good skincare regime is! So for the inaugural post on the Little Things Artistry blog, I am going to focus on skincare, and helping you make the most of your cosmetics. After all, your skin and face is your canvas, and your makeup is your paint. The better the canvas, the better the results!

We must all remember that our skin is the body’s largest organ, and very likely the most exposed of them all. Everyday your skin, especially that of your face, is exposed to all kinds of invisible pollution and germs. We wash our hands regularly so why not our face? Unlike the rest of your body, the face will brave the elements all day with not much coverage and is likely not cleaned on a regular basis as you go out and about. Washing your face at the end of a long day before bed can be one of the most relaxing experiences if you go about it with the right mindset. It’s like taking off all the stress of the day and preparing you for a fresh start in the morning.  You’re also taking off all the pollutants that has settled on your face and giving your skin a chance to breathe and regenerate itself.  Follow your cleanser with a good moisturizer and you’ve got your basic skin care regime.

Reminder that if you wear makeup on the daily, make sure you get a cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover. I use a cleanser for sensitive skin and truth be told, it is not very good at taking off my makeup, so as a supplement, I remove my makeup with a micellar water (eye makeup remover for eyes!). A good tip is to use a face cloth or a face brush to help remove all makeup and any makeup residue that may be left behind when you just wash with your hand. Not all residue can be seen! Making sure you remove all your makeup ensures that you give your skin a chance to fully breathe and heal itself after a long day of work. Just a gentle reminder that a good foundation is not supposed to clog your skin or feel heavy, but washing it off is like changing into your pyjamas after being out all day. Your day clothes aren’t uncomfortable, but being out of them is just better for chilling.

Determine the type of skin you have and make sure you choose a proper cleanser for your skin type! If you are of the oily skin type and pick one meant for someone with dry skin, you may find yourself shining brighter than a diamond (this is from deeply regretted personal experience… I was going through a phase and refused to listen to my mom on this one). And if have dry skin and choose a cleanser meant for oily skin, you are more than likely to feel like sandpaper after.  I have what is considered combination skin, but my skin likes to take things to the extreme and I get to have two sets of skincare products.  One for summer and one for winter. In the summer my face decides that it is an oilfield, and in the winter it is the Sahara desert. Personally I didn’t fully understand my own skin type, or that there were more than dry, oily, and T-Zone combination type skin until I had a personal consultation with a Mary Kay consultant.

If you do not have a freestanding skincare store close to you, most department stores with a skin care counter will be able to help you find out your skin type. Many non-drug store brands have a decent return policy but it is always a good idea to ask first. There are many brands to choose from but don’t let that scare you, it just means you have tons of options and choices! It make take a few tries to find something that works for you but you will get there. I only very recently found a cleanser that works for me in both seasons (and I have been searching since my late teens), unfortunately the search for a single season moisturizer continues.

Starting a good skin care regime can be done at any time and you’re never “too old” or “too young” to start. Washing your face is as important as remembering to wash your hands throughout the day. Although if you are hoping to clear up your skin for a big event, start as early as you can and never start less than a week before the event. The last thing you need is a rash or a patch of breakouts on your wedding day or graduation! Come back to the blog next week for an extended post about taking care of oily/combination skin! Don’t want to wait until next week? Email me!

<3 Shelley



Reminder: This blog is an advisory only, not a replacement for medical advice. Talk to a dermatologist if you think you may have severe allergies or sensitivities. Any products or brands mentioned is of my personal opinion and experience, I am not sponsored in any way shape or form.